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Here you can read answers for the most frequently asked questions we receive from our users. If you still have questions after reading this section, don’t hesitate in contacting us for further inquiries. We will do our best to help you!

How does live football streaming work?

Live streaming is watching a sport event live directly from where it is being transmitted. When an event is streamed you avoid having to download anything, and thereby you save time and hard-disk space on your computer: It’s all being transmitted and played live on the internet. Many people have already tried ‘streaming’ over the internet e.g. listening to radio on various homepages.

  • All you need to watch a stream over the internet is a broadband connection at over 0,5 mbit (download). For most internet users this is no problem at all.
  • A typical internet connection is higher than 4,0 mbit.

What does it cost?

Italian top matches, a fight for survival in the Greek league or a traditional rivalry in the Bundesliga. No matter what game you wish to see, there are a ton of places on the internet where you can watch live football streams. At specific bookmakers it’s possible to watch a big variety of games in good quality – and it’s free.

The only demand is that you register an account. It is not necessary to deposit any money to your account (but obviously the bookmakers hope you will eventually). Except with Bet365, you need a funded account to watch the live football stream.

Besides the bookmakers there are websites whose only focus is the streaming of football games. The quality of these can vary a lot. The advantage with these sites is usually a wider variety of games.

  • Livefootballstreams stream a huge variety of games and show basically all games from Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and other.
  • A year of unlimited membership costs 29,95 pounds. Visit

Why do I have to register an account to watch football for free?

The designated bookmakers offer free live football streaming to their customers. In return, all you have to do is register an account on their site.

  • They offer this free service in the hope that you’ll eventually deposit money and play on their site.

There is no one forcing you to deposit any money into your account. However, many users decide to deposit money when they register, because the sites typically offer a 100% sign-up bonus on the first deposit.

  • It is entirely your choice whether or not you wish to deposit money into your account.

Is it legal to watch football streams on the internet?

You have absolutely nothing to fear when you watch live football streams on your computer.

  • The bookmakers that recommends, buy the rights to the games from the copyright owners.

Besides, the internet is huge, and it’s very hard for an average user to decide whether or not a given website has bought the rights for the game they’re transmitting. As a user you are ensured not to break any laws, because you aren’t transmitting the broadcast, but only watching.

  • You aren’t breaking any rules by watching any transmission.
  • It is solely the distributors responsibility that all laws are being held.

How is the quality?

The selection of sites in which you can watch football games live is huge – but the quality of the streams do vary a lot. On suspicious websites the resolution of the stream is usually really poor. The quality at our recommended bookmakers is good.

  • You can watch a live stream demo at bet365 (Link opens in a new window – click on the ‘play demo’ button).
  • You can also watch a demo at (link opens in a new window).

Please also share your experiences using live stream on the internet – tell us about the good experiences as well as the bad ones. Contact us over e-mail

Does it work with MAC/Apple?

  • Yes, you can also stream football games on your MAC/Apple computer since all the games are being viewed in your web browser.

Does stream football games?

  • No – Our job is to link to the sites we recommend as a customer service to the people who want to watch live football on the internet.